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Automatic Bag Feeding Particle Packaging Machine

Automatic Bag Feeding Particle Packaging Machine Automatic Bag Feeding Particle Packaging Machine

Automatic bag feeding particle packaging machine adopts Germany's Siemens PLC control, with touch panel human computer interface control system. It is easy for operating.

Production line equipment: bag feeding packaging machines, computer electronic scale, material elevating conveyor, work platform.

Applicable material: candy, chocolate, biscuits, peanuts, seeds, pistachios, melon seeds and other solid materials

Packaging bag types: Doypack (with or without zipper), flat bag (three-side seal, four-side seal, hand bag, zipper bag), paper bags and compound bags.


1. Frequency control: The machine uses frequency control device, which within the specified range can be freely adjusted speed.
2. Automatic detection function: If the bag not open or not complete, no feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be reused, not wasting material, saving the cost of production for the user.
3. Safety device: When the working pressure is not normal or heating pipe in failure, the alarm will be prompted.
4. Horizontal or vertical bag way:Bag holder can store more bags, bags of lower quality requirements, sub-bags, bags on the high rate.
5. With a safety glass door: effectiveprotect the operator's safety.
6. parts adopting the imported engineering plastic bearings:No need to refuel. Reduce the pollution of materials.
7. Using oil-free vacuum pump or vacuum generator: Avoid production environment pollution.
8. Low package material loss: The machine is using a good prefabricated bags, bags perfect design, sealing good quality, thereby enhancing the product quality.
9. Under the health standards of the food processing industry
Parts contacting the material or bags are made of stainless steel or other materials that meet the hygiene requirements of the food and ensure the hygiene and safety of the food.
10.Wide range of packaging: By choosing different measuring instruments, it can be applied to the packaging of liquids, saucers, granules, powder, irregular lumps, etc. The prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite film, single layer PE, PP and the like Can be applied.



Bag size

width: 100-200mm;length: 100-300mm

Packing weight


Packing accuracy


Packing speed

45 bags/minute(according to the material and the packing weight)


380V 50HZ/60HZ 5KW

Consumption of compressed air

0.6m3/min(provide by customer)


Automatic Bag Feeding Particle Packaging Machine